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            $  DSV   : an experimental bitcoin token 
            $  87fb87edfa15377a713a727dc93b703dcece8976cd68a9dd8eddfb9a0214406a_o1
            $  bsv.run/dsv 
                Doriancoin: Satoshi Vision v0.1
                Who?   u/225
                What?  Mineable Bitcoin Tokens
                How?   Tokenized Altcoin


DSV tokens are mineable RUN tokens on Bitcoin SV. To achieve this we tokenize a pure proof-of-work altcoin, Doriancoin. Over 90% of all Doriancoins mined since it fair launch in 2014 have been consolidated into a single address , which has been tokenized onto Bitcoin using the RUN protocol.

Miners produce new Doriancoins through proof-of-work on its native legacy blockchain, and may deposit them with the DSV treasury in exchange for an equal number of tokenized $DSV. Token holders may redeem DSV tokens for the native currency upon request, and the corresponding tokens would be melted. Token supply must always equal the Doriancoin stored in the treasury wallet.

The DSV project also seeks to implement or adopt a native mineable token standard, eliminating the peg to the legacy Doriancoin blockchain for its proof-of-work functionality.

Proof of custody

                Address: DSVTokensNfYrJpBV4CezhV6i3972cxZtq
                Message: 1DSVToken8KCanHAMwrDZiS3uHKKXqfciG 828a95633bf1d8dd9877dc05eef8375795be84a63e2183a076da05505f9e33b2_o1
                Signature: HEUI5UOOiPBXXwu2dkm0EcOh9Li79z8w9O1I0lWMG2S/TOD9gyIegDgoR5QzXEQ9Z1ruMFWCrSUmvGig3t+zUKA=

Legacy blockchain info

Source Code Github
Consensus Algorithm Proof-of-work (scrypt)
Maximum supply 84 million
Block reward 50 DSV, halves every 840k blocks
Mining Pool pool.bitcoincloud.net
Block Explorer blocks.doriancoin.org


  • Twetch integration
  • Automated token bridge for conversion
  • Fork native currency to BSV codebase, sha256 merge mined
  • Native PoW functionality